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Innovations in Fundraising Wiki

Welcome. The IiF wiki collects and presents evidence on the most successful approaches to motivating effective and impactful charitable giving, and promotes innovative research and its application. The wiki is a continuous work in progress and a living resource. We consider recent and replicated academic work, a clear explanation of relevant theories and definitions, description of real-world experiences in innovative fundraising. We are also organizing data and statistics from empirical research that can be interactively explored and used as a base for meta-analyses and future work. This is aimed both as a knowledge base for academic researchers and a collection of tools for practitioners and advocates. This is a collaborative effort: all are encouraged to comment and contribute!

The project was founded and is currently maintained by Dr. David Reinstein, University of Exeter, with funds from an ESRC Impact Grant. For updates on progress, you can follow @givingtools on Twitter

Tools for motivating (effective) charitable giving

Key academic papers on innovative fundraising

Fundraising in a corporate context

* Corporate and employee giving and fundraising (under construction; by login only)

* Bonuses and incentive compensation (under construction; by login only) Research and practical tools * Broad discussion of research into "what causes people to donate more" * Key sources of information (under construction; by login only) * Charitable giving experiments: Magnitudes, variance Effective Altruism, Workplace Giving: Experience, forums, and resources * Experiences of Workplace Activists: (please add your own experience) * Effective Altruism; useful links and forums * Ratings of effective charities: a synthesis Philanthropy in the UK and in an international context * Giving around the world, giving to distinct charities in the USA * Background: Tax Treatment of Giving and Government Incentives (UK) * Third Sector Infrastructure Details Discussions, definitions, conversations * Meta-analysis: Combining and weighing information from different domains, with different approaches, etc. —- Have any issues or suggestions? Please let us know by filling in this form.

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