The Giving Type: Identifying Donors

de Oliveira, Angela C.M.; Croson, Rachel T.A.; Eckel, Catherine, (2011). The Giving Type: Identifying Donors. Journal Of Public Economics, 95, 5-6, 428–435.



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Abstract: .>..We run an experiment using a non- student sample (an artefactual field experiment) in which participants have the opportunity to donate to multiple charitable organizations. … Our results support the existence of a giving type; a factor analysis demonstrates that giving decisions are driven by a single (unique) factor, and individuals who give to one organization, give significantly more to other organizations than do non-donors…

participants have the opportunity to give to

multiple neighborhood charitable organizations, as well as to make donations in a standard public goods game… Donations are matched (doubled) to provide an incentive to give. The study targets a unique, understudied population in a historically low-income African-American neighborhood in Dallas, TX.

participants were randomly assigned into independent and anonymous groups of three and given an endowment of $60 which they could either keep for themselves or donate. … participants were given four discrete options…. (1) keep all $60, (2) keep $40 and donate $20, (3) keep $20 and donate $40, or (4) donate all $60. … In the three donation tasks, money donated was doubled and then given to a neighborhood charity;


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