The Effect Of Effectiveness: Donor Response To Aid Effectiveness In A Direct Mail Fundraising Experiment

Karlan, Dean; Wood, Daniel H., (2017). The Effect Of Effectiveness: Donor Response To Aid Effectiveness In A Direct Mail Fundraising Experiment. Journal Of Behavioral And Experimental Economics, 66, , 1–8.



Type of evidence: Field-exp-charity

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First wave treatment was an non-numerical indicator of the method's credibility:

“According to studies on our programs in Peru that used rigorous scientific methodologies, women who have received both loans and business education saw their profits grow”; in first wave the strong emotional appeal was present for both control and treatment.

The second wave treatment was quantitative

That is why we have coordinated with independent researchers [at Yale University] to conduct scientifically rigorous impact studies of our programs.In Peru they found that women who were offered our Credit with Education program had 16% higher profits in their businesses than those who were not, and they increased profits in bad months by 27%!

… and it also *removed* the emotional component (for the treatment, retained for the control).

They report the *net* effect of both treatments. A re-analysis of the raw data could be very helpful.

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