Soliciting Charity Contributions: The Parlance Of Asking For Money

Benson, Peter L.; Catt, Viola L., (1978). Soliciting Charity Contributions: The Parlance Of Asking For Money. Journal Of Applied Social Psychology, 8, 1, 84–95.



Type of evidence: Field-exp-charity

Related tools: High arousal/urgent advert

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Investigated the effects of 3 verbally mediated variables on financial contributions in a door-to-door charity campaign. The relationship of race to contributions was also observed by using both Black and White Ss. 120 Black and 120 White Ss were randomly assigned to 1 of 8 verbal appeals in a 2 (High vs Low Dependency) by 2 (Internal vs External Causal Locus of Need) by 2 (Social Responsibility vs Good Feeling as a reason for giving) factorial design. Whites contributed more than Blacks, the external locus of need condition produced more giving than the internal condition, and persons who heard the “good feeling” reason donated more than those in the “social responsibility” condition. Additionally, a significant Causal Locus of Need by Reason for Giving interaction was found. The combination of external locus of need and “good feeling” was considerably more productive of contributions than the other 3 combinations.


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