Matching And Challenge Gifts To Charity: Evidence From~Laboratory And Natural Field Experiments

Rondeau, Daniel; List, John A., (2008). Matching And Challenge Gifts To Charity: Evidence From~Laboratory And Natural Field Experiments. Experimental Economics, 11, 3, 253–267.



Type of evidence: Lab-charity

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“…direct mail fundraising campaign for the Sierra Club (n = 3,000) in which some letters described a match offer, with every dollar in donations later matched by a dollar from a lead donor. In other letters, researchers referenced a “challenge gift” already contributed by a lead donor. Mentioning a challenge gift increased participation rates by 23% and total contributions by 18%, compared to a plain ask. The challenge gift also outperformed the amount raised under the match offer by 31% (Rondeau and List 2008).” (ideas42)


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