Hey Look At Me: The Effect Of Giving Circles On Giving

Karlan, Dean; McConnell, Margaret A., (2014). Hey Look At Me: The Effect Of Giving Circles On Giving. Journal Of Economic Behavior & Organization, 106, , 402–412.

Keywords: experiments, prosocial behavior, social image, voluntary contributions

Discipline: E, c, o, n, o, m, i, c, s

Type of evidence: Field-exp-charity

Related tools: Visibility/publicity

Related theories:

Related critiques:

Charity target: USA - University

Donor population: Alumni

Paper summary

""Hey look at me: The effect of giving circles on giving"" (Karlan and McConnell, 2014)

  • Mandated/automatic recognition vs voluntary (see Larry David, anonymous donor)
  • Donation 'registries' and 'pledges'
  • Signaling (to romantic partner, others)
  • Influence of learning previous donations



Meta-analysis data

Study year: 2007

Data link: recWMC6GFKaryiscD

Peer reviewed: ✓

Journal rating: 3

Citations: 14


Replication success:

Pre-registered: ✓


Participants aware: ✓



Simple comparison: ✓

Sample size: 4168

Share treated:

Key components: specific request for $100., Telephone fundraising

Main treatment: (Pooled) mention of any “giving circle” and listing in newsletter; e.g., the “100 circle and 500 circle” (plausibly strongest of 3 recognition treatments) “With a donation of at least $100, you will become a member of our Friends donor circle. With a donation of at least $500, you will become a member of our Benefactor donor circle. Both Friends and Benefactors will be listed by name in the Dwight Hall Fall 2008 newsletter.”

Mean donation:

SD donation:

Endowment amount:

Endowment description:

Currency: usd

Conversion rate:

Effect size original:

Effect size USD:

SE effect size:

SE calculation:

Effect size share: 0.14

Mean incidence: 0.11

Effect size incidence: 0.027

Headline p-val:

P-val description: Less than .01 for impact of pooled treatments on log gift amount (se=.052)

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