• International variations in rates of giving and propensity to give/volunteer

Which charities

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Difficulties with international comparisons

First ask: what is the purpose of this comparison?

  • Data sources differ (tax, survey self-reports, charity reports)
  • Which forms of giving to report:
    • family, local beggars?
    • Giving clothing to Oxfam?
  • Much giving is domestic/local, and local needs differ
  • Governments services differ by country, contributions to international aid differ
  • Religious giving (to churches) is often counted (about 1/3 of US giving), and this is often a fee-for-service Commitment to development index

  • Variations in (US) giving over time: fluctuates
  • US: most giving is by private donors; 'many people give a small amount and a few people give a large amount' [evidence?]; increasing concentration of giving among the wealthy
  • US: religious giving is the largest component (35%) [DR: is this all really voluntary giving?]

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