Notes/conversation space on various tools and supporting papers

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1. Social

  • Visibility: do others see my donation/non-donation?

How to use this, linked tools

Alpizar et al, 2008

  • Recognition tiers

"Hey look at me: The effect of giving circles on giving" (Karlan and McConnell, 2014)

  • Mandated/automatic recognition vs voluntary (see Larry David, anonymous donor)
  • Donation 'registries' and 'pledges'
  • Signaling (to romantic partner, others)
  • Influence of learning previous donations

Shang & Croson: Field Experiments in Charitable Contribution: The Impact of Social Influence on the Voluntary Provision of PG's

  • Social connections between donor, fundraiser, recipient

2. Information and communications

  • Highlight an individual beneficiary or a large group? (Identifiable victims effect)
  • Depict poverty/sadness (-) or positive outcomes?
  • Emphasize religious norms
  • Information about recipients' deservingness
  • Charity effectiveness; charity 'quality ratings', Overhead (aversion)

Yörük, Barış K. "Charity ratings." Journal of Economics & Management Strategy 25.1 (2016): 195-219.

Gneezy, Uri, Elizabeth A. Keenan, and Ayelet Gneezy. "Avoiding overhead aversion in charity." Science 346.6209 (2014): 632-635.

  • Personalisation (personalised message)

3. Incentives/gifts

  • Unconditional gift (Gift exchange)
  • Conditional gift (for donors only)
  • Matching donations (at what rate? capped or uncapped? reveal identity of matcher?)
    • ‘Framing’ of match (match versus rebate)
    • Threshold/provision point for match
  • Refund if project goal not reached
  • Seed donations
  • Auctions and lotteries, various designs
  • Other charities/incentives. competition, crowding out

4. Timing/conditionality

  • Give more tomorrow
  • Give if you win
  • Pre-commit to give or increase giving
  • Mood (ask a happy or a sad person?)

5. Size/nature of ask, choice architecture

  • Low-ball, 'Legitimation of paltry donation' (LPD)
  • Default enrollment/Mandated choice
  • (Default) automatic escalation/inflation-adjustments

6. Income source

  • Ask from less-tangible income

7. Donor_choices

  • Donor can target project
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