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-====Using Positive ​vs. Negative Photographs ​for Third-World Fund Raising====+====Using Positive ​Vs. Negative Photographs ​For Third-World Fund Raising====
-Dyck, Evelyne J.; Coldevin, Gary, (1992). //​[[http://​journals.sagepub.com/​doi/​10.1177/​107769909206900305|Using Positive ​vs. Negative Photographs ​for Third-World Fund Raising]]//​. Journalism Quarterly, 69, 3, 572--579.+Dyck, Evelyne J.; Coldevin, Gary, (1992). //​[[http://​journals.sagepub.com/​doi/​10.1177/​107769909206900305|Using Positive ​Vs. Negative Photographs ​For Third-World Fund Raising]]//​. Journalism Quarterly, 69, 3, 572--579.
 **Keywords**: ​ **Keywords**: ​
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