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-====The ​norm of self-interest: Implications ​for charitable giving====+====The ​Norm Of Self-Interest: Implications ​For Charitable Giving====
-Ratner, Rebecca K; Zhao, Min; Clarke, Jennifer A, (2011). //​[[http://​​facbios/​file/​Ratner_Zhao.pdf|The ​norm of self-interest: Implications ​for charitable giving]]//, 113--131. In: The science of giving.+Ratner, Rebecca K; Zhao, Min; Clarke, Jennifer A, (2011). //​[[http://​​facbios/​file/​Ratner_Zhao.pdf|The ​Norm Of Self-Interest: Implications ​For Charitable Giving]]//, 113--131. In: The Science Of Giving: Experimental Approaches To The Study Of Charity.
 **Keywords**: ​ **Keywords**: ​
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