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-====The ​identifiable victim effect: Causes ​and boundary conditions====+====The ​Identifiable Victim Effect: Causes ​And Boundary Conditions====
-Kogut, T. & Ritov, I., (2011). //​[[http://​www.tandfonline.com/​doi/​abs/​10.1080/​15534510.2016.1216891?​src=recsys&​journalCode=psif20|The ​identifiable victim effect: Causes ​and boundary conditions]]//, 133--145. In: The science of giving: Experimental ​approaches to the study of charity.+Kogut, T. & Ritov, I., (2011). //​[[http://​www.tandfonline.com/​doi/​abs/​10.1080/​15534510.2016.1216891?​src=recsys&​journalCode=psif20|The ​Identifiable Victim Effect: Causes ​And Boundary Conditions]]//, 133--145. In: The Science Of Giving: Experimental ​Approaches To The Study Of Charity.
 **Keywords**: ​ **Keywords**: ​
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