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-====The Effect ​of Group Identity ​on Distributive Choice: Social Preference ​or Heuristic?​====+====The Effect ​Of Group Identity ​On Distributive Choice: Social Preference ​Or Heuristic?​====
-Guala, Francesco; Filippin, Antonio, (2016). //The Effect ​of Group Identity ​on Distributive Choice: Social Preference ​or Heuristic?//​. The Economic Journal, 127, 602, 1047--1068.+Guala, Francesco; Filippin, Antonio, (2016). //The Effect ​Of Group Identity ​On Distributive Choice: Social Preference ​Or Heuristic?//​. The Economic Journal, 127, 602, 1047--1068.
 **Keywords**: ​ **Keywords**: ​
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