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-====Sleep ​and the Allocation ​of Time====+====Sleep ​And The Allocation ​Of Time====
-Biddle, Jeff; Hamermesh, Daniel, (1989). //​[[http://​links.jstor.org/​sici?​sici=0022-3808(199010)98:​5{\%}3C922:​SATAOT{\%}3E2.0.CO;​2-6|Sleep ​and the Allocation ​of Time]]//. .+Biddle, Jeff; Hamermesh, Daniel, (1989). //​[[http://​links.jstor.org/​sici?​sici=0022-3808(199010)98:​5{\%}3C922:​SATAOT{\%}3E2.0.CO;​2-6|Sleep ​And The Allocation ​Of Time]]//​. ​National Bureau of Economic Research.
 **Keywords**:​ [philanthropy],​ substitution,​ survey, time **Keywords**:​ [philanthropy],​ substitution,​ survey, time
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