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-====Preference Variation ​and Private Donations====+====Preference Variation ​And Private Donations====
-Schokkaert, Erik; Ootegem, Luc Van, (2000). //​Preference Variation ​and Private Donations//,​ 78--95. In: The Economics ​of Reciprocity,​ Giving ​and Altruism.+Schokkaert, Erik; Ootegem, Luc Van, (2000). //​Preference Variation ​And Private Donations//,​ 78--95. In: The Economics ​Of Reciprocity,​ Giving ​And Altruism.
 **Keywords**:​ heterogeneity,​ motivation for giving, philanthropy,​ reciprocity **Keywords**:​ heterogeneity,​ motivation for giving, philanthropy,​ reciprocity
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