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-====Impure Altruism ​and Donations ​to Public Goods: A Theory ​of Warm-Glow Giving====+====Impure Altruism ​And Donations ​To Public Goods: A Theory ​Of Warm-Glow Giving====
-Andreoni, James, (1990). //Impure Altruism ​and Donations ​to Public Goods: A Theory ​of Warm-Glow Giving//. The Economic Journal, 100, 401, 464.+Andreoni, James, (1990). //Impure Altruism ​And Donations ​To Public Goods: A Theory ​Of Warm-Glow Giving//. The Economic Journal, 100, 401, 464.
 **Keywords**:​ philanthropy,​ theory **Keywords**:​ philanthropy,​ theory
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