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-====Charity ​as a Substitute ​for Reputation: Evidence ​from an Online Marketplace====+====Charity ​As A Substitute ​For Reputation: Evidence ​From An Online Marketplace====
-Elfenbein, D. W.; Fisman, R.; Mcmanus, B., (2012). //​Charity ​as a Substitute ​for Reputation: Evidence ​from an Online Marketplace//​. The Review ​of Economic Studies, 79, 4, 1441--1468.+Elfenbein, D. W.; Fisman, R.; Mcmanus, B., (2012). //​Charity ​As A Substitute ​For Reputation: Evidence ​From An Online Marketplace//​. The Review ​Of Economic Studies, 79, 4, 1441--1468.
 **Keywords**: ​ **Keywords**: ​
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