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-====Avoiding ​the Ask: A Field Experiment ​on Altruism, Empathy, ​and Charitable Giving====+====Avoiding ​The Ask: A Field Experiment ​On Altruism, Empathy, ​And Charitable Giving====
-Andreoni, James; Rao, Justin M.; Trachtman, Hannah, (2017). //​[[http://​econweb.ucsd.edu/​~jandreon/​WorkingPapers/​AndreoniRaoTrachtman.pdf|Avoiding ​the Ask: A Field Experiment ​on Altruism, Empathy, ​and Charitable Giving]]//. Journal ​of Political Economy, 125, 3, 625--653.+Andreoni, James; Rao, Justin M.; Trachtman, Hannah, (2017). //​[[http://​econweb.ucsd.edu/​~jandreon/​WorkingPapers/​AndreoniRaoTrachtman.pdf|Avoiding ​The Ask: A Field Experiment ​On Altruism, Empathy, ​And Charitable Giving]]//. Journal ​Of Political Economy, 125, 3, 625--653.
 **Keywords**: ​ **Keywords**: ​
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