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-====Alumni ​giving to elite private colleges and universities====+====Alumni ​Giving To Elite Private Colleges And Universities====
-Clotfelter, C.T., (2003). //​[[http://​www.ilr.cornell.edu/​cheri/​conf/​chericonf1999/​chericonf1999{\_}01.pdf|Alumni ​giving to elite private colleges and universities]]//. Economics ​of Education Review, 22, 2, 109--120.+Clotfelter, C.T., (2003). //​[[http://​www.ilr.cornell.edu/​cheri/​conf/​chericonf1999/​chericonf1999{\_}01.pdf|Alumni ​Giving To Elite Private Colleges And Universities]]//. Economics ​Of Education Review, 22, 2, 109--120.
 **Keywords**:​ alumni giving, empirical, philanthropy **Keywords**:​ alumni giving, empirical, philanthropy
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