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david, 2017/11/30 15:30

How-to page should be linked throughout the wiki (especially where people are giving input)

audrey, 2017/12/01 16:15

You can now find a link to the playground on all relevant pages.

david, 2017/12/07 09:46

Let's also put how-to and issues in the Table of Contents page

david, 2017/11/30 15:29

Logo (Daisy?)

david, 2017/11/30 15:28

Make discussion bars less prominent on some pages

david, 2017/12/07 09:47

Can we style it so it is less bold and more in the background?

david, 2017/11/30 15:28

Tables of contents not at top on all pages

david, 2017/11/30 15:27

Issues page needs organisation – tabular or forum … can threads be ranked by 'most important'?

davids, 2017/12/04 14:37

They can be ranked by Alphabetical order, creation date, last modification. I guess the most important would generally be the one with the last modification.

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