Third-Sector Infrastructure Organisations

In addition to charities themselves, there are many organisations playing a role in the UK third-sector (nonprofits, charities, fundraisers). The table below lists some of these, to enhance understanding of 'who is doing what'? Please add entries, or leave comments at the bottom or as a footnote. If you represent one of these organisations we would be eager to get your input.

Name Whom does it help? Role Example activity Size Established CEO/Chairman
Charities Trust Charities, employers and individuals “A donations management organisation committed to growing charitable giving” Charity statement service: “providing a monthly statement facility for Payroll Giving and fundraising” “During the past decade we have distributed over half a billion pounds to more than 40,000 charities” 1987 Linda Minnis
Charities Aid Foundation
Institute of Fundraising (IoF) Fundraisers “Support fundraisers through leadership and representation; best practice and compliance; education and networking” Future of Corporate Partnerships Conference: “conference will not just be about securing longer and larger partnerships, but will have a focus beyond financial relationships” 525 organisational members, 6000 individual members 1983 Peter Lewis
Geared for Giving
NPC (New philanthropy capital)
Charity Finance Group (CFG) Finance professionals within the charity sector Enables finance professionals in the charity sector to develop essential leadership and financial management skills, develop their understanding of topical financial issues, and network and share knowledge with peers Annual Conference 2017: “offers a comprehensive marketplace of over 50 suppliers and service providers who can assist in tackling the issues your charity faces and help you manage your charity more efficiently” Over 1350 members 1987 Caron Bradshaw
Philanthropy Impact Philanthropists, charities and governments “Work with advisors, philanthropists, charities and governments to develop greater expertise, awareness and impact in philanthropic action. We provide resources, bespoke events and platforms to support the development of the philanthropy sector” Resources include the 'Guide to Giving' framework, which supports philanthropists by offering “advice and case studies from other philanthropists who have addressed the issues you might now face” 1998 John Pepin
Rethink Charity Institute
Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO) Charity Chief Executive Officers Supports the individual leaders of charities “Resilience and emotional intelligence” sessions. “Intended to give you the skills to manage a variety of pressures such as workplace stress, managing failure and how to achieve better focus at work” 1420 members “nearly 30 years ago” Vicky Browning
Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy Charities Conducts academic research at Plymouth University, and runs a think tank on fundraising called Rogare Produces reports on issues in philanthropy and fundraising; examples include “The science of legacy fundraising”, “Donor Retention”, and “Building Donor Loyalty through the Telephone” Team of 9 people Professor Adrian Sargeant
National Philanthropic Trust (NPT UK) Donors, Financial Institutions, Not for Profit Organisations Provides philanthropic expertise to donors, financial institutions, foundations and charities, enabling them to realise their philanthropic aspirations Donor advised funds (“charitable giving vehicles that offer administrative convenience, cost savings and tax advantages”), single gifts, legacy advice 2013 John Candy
Association of Charitable Organisations (ACO) Charities “the national UK umbrella body for Trusts and Foundations that give grants and welfare support to individuals in need” Supporting member organisations through networking, raising standards, lobbying and campaigning and information. Connecting charities so they can work together Over 100 members 1946 Dominic Fox/ Judith Smith
Association of Payroll Giving Organisations (APGO) Payroll Giving Agencies and Professional Fundraising Organisations “Unite knowledge and experience to support businesses and charities to set up, promote and develop their Payroll Giving schemes within the workplace” Payroll Giving Quality mark: rates the quality of Payroll Giving Organisations with a government-supported accreditation 11 members 1987 Chair: Panikos Efthimiou
Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) Individual donors, businesses and charities “Help people and businesses support the causes they care about, and for charities, we provide simple and straightforward day-to-day banking and fundraising services” Long term giving assistance for individuals to improve the effectiveness of their giving 2,700 companies, 200,000 staff, processed donations for 2,300 charities 1974 Dr John Low
Donor's voice
Charity Futures
National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) Charities Connect organisations, represent the sector in government, support the sector with knowledge and expertise Assists with governance, volunteer management, fundraising, human resources, strategy 12,500 members 1919 Sir Stuart Etherington
‘Remember a Charity'
Centre for Effective Altruism
Founders' Pledge
Nesta|Nesta Social enterprises Support new ideas in education, healthcare, the arts, technology, and economic policy Example project: “Developing a portfolio of digital health projects that improve our ability to target care precisely, support behaviour change, and empower patients” 1998; became a charity in 2012 Geoff Mulgan
Charity Bank|Charity Bank Charities and other social enterprises “Lend to charities, social enterprises and other organisations where the loan is being used for a social purpose” Statistics on the impact of the bank; loans range from £50,000 to £3.25m; lent to the East Lancashire Deaf Society Made loans totaling £169,079,707 to 838 causes 2002 Banking Director: Carolyn Sims, Business Development Director: Peter Kelly
Charity Commission Charities “Registers and regulates charities in England and Wales” “Registering eligible organisations, taking enforcement action against malpractice, ensuring charities meet legal requirements, making appropriate information about charities available, providing guidance so that charities can run efficiently” Government Organisation 27/02/2007 William Shawcross
The Giving Department
The Good Lab
Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF) Charities Helps charities use resources effectively “Provides information and guidance, events and networking and advocacy” Over 300 members 1992 (registered in 2005) Carol Mack
Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy (CGAP) Charities Conducts academic research Researches into and produces reports on: individual and corporate giving, charity and social redistribution, institutions of giving and philanthropy Based at five institutions: Cass Business School, Strathclyde Business School, University of Edinburgh Business School, University of Kent, University of Southampton 2009 Professor Arthur Williamson; each individual institution has its own directors
International Fundraising Leadership Forum (IFL)
Double the Donation

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