Effective Altruism

Some useful links:

Awesome Effective AltruismA list containing a large number of EA resources, including EA organisations, critical EA papers, and informative books
Centre For Effective Altruism - What is effective altruism? A brief introduction to the effective altruism movement
80,000 HoursWant to use your career as a force for altruism? Check out career advice here
GiveWellWhich charities are the most effective? Information on this, and detailed evaluations of many different charities, can be found here
Effective Altruism online communitiesYou can find your local EA community Facebook group here, or one that focuses on a cause you're most interested in
Effective Altruism ForumsA place to discuss all things EA with like-minded people
Effective Altruism HubAs the name would indicate, a hub for EA, including profiles of effective altruists around the world
Impact mattersRates a wide set of charities with 1-5 stars based on cost-effectiveness. “We do not compare one mission (say, increased literacy) to another (say, arts appreciation).”

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