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Guiding principles


  1. Focus
    1. on concrete and well-defined concepts,
    2. on tangible information and measurable outcomes, and
    3. on results and evidence
      1. collected by experts and respected practitioners, using valid methods
      2. with 'credibility' attained from widely presentation and peer-review, and replication in a range of contexts
      3. where the results have useable real world implications.
  2. Reference and link the original sources of all claims, carefully considering the reliability of these sources.
  3. Provide the date for the recency of all information, automating or suggesting tools for updating over time.
  4. Write clearly and unambiguously, using plain language, and referencing and defining any important technical terms.
  5. All resources and information should be organised, linked and accesible. Avoid 'locked away' content such as unlinked pdfs.
  6. Follow Wikipedia principles where not otherwise specified; avoid redundant information; link relevant Wikipedia articles and other web-hosted resources where these already meet our standards.


  1. Encourage collaboration and interaction, reward and recognise contributors
  2. Collaborate, link and share information with other organisations, projects, and tools

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