Sector: Telecommunications

Donation matching: ✓

Payroll giving:

Pays PG fees: Note: This field needs more research.

PG provider:

Endorsed charities: Very broad range of international and local NGOs worked with as well as government departments, Employee giving/fundraising support seems to emphasize local charities

Details of matching schemes

Unclear (some temporary small schemes)

Total max EA benefit: 0

Details of payroll giving and other programmes

Other relevant information

Majority company giving through Vodafone Foundation

Three global goals:
Women's empowerment, energy innovation and youth skills and jobs - these cut across business operations to charitable support

Programmes include women's financial inclusion through mobile banking and payments

Pioneered JustTextGiving - enabling donations by mobile phone and have run initiatives in the past to match donations made in this way.

Also supported textsanta appeal at Christmas time


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