Prudential plc

Sector: Finance

Donation matching:

Payroll giving:

Pays PG fees: Note: This field needs more research.

PG provider:

Endorsed charities: SportsAid, Plan International, Help Age International, Junior Achievement

Details of matching schemes

No information available

Total max EA benefit: 0

Details of payroll giving and other programmes

In 2016 - £460k donated through payroll giving

Other relevant information

Focus on building strong and sustainable communities

In the UK - focus on ensuring young people are work ready, empowering people and supporting older people to tackle social isolation

Supporting young people through sport, people with disabilities, encouraging emerging talent in Sport

Promoting financial education, developing children's skills, providing school scholarships in Africa, teaching children in inner city enterprise skills

Disaster risk reduction - investments in communities so disasters have a smaller impact - Safe steps and building resilient homes

Major sponsor of RideLondon which has raised £41m in first four years of race

Chairman's Challenge - flagship international volunteering programme - Prudential donates £150 for every employee that signs up


2016 - £20m dedicated to supporting community activities - £16m was direct cash donations (£5m from UK). In UK £2.7m given to education, £2m to social, welfare and environemtn causes, £142k to cultural and staff volunteering was worth £88k.

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