Provident Financial

Sector: Finance

Donation matching: ✓

Payroll giving:

Pays PG fees: Note: This field needs more research.

PG provider:

Endorsed charities: Vanquis - Money Charity and Mencap; Participate - Community regeneration charity in Yorkshire; Outward Bound, Money Charity, Mencap, Outward Bound, Participate (Yorkshire)

Details of matching schemes

Staff can apply for matched funding up to £500 or more if through 'Good Neighbour Scheme'

2016 - provided match funding worth £21k

Total max EA benefit: 0

Details of payroll giving and other programmes

No information available

Other relevant information

Community investment focuses on addressing unemployment, low or fluctuating incomes, low educational attainment and physical/mental health issues at a local level.

Also focus on financial inclusion

Work in particular with Community Foundations, who can deliver work on behalf of org.

Staff can take two paid days to participate in community initiatives/fndraising events


2016 - supported 53 community programmes and 29 orgs through Community Foundations in Bradford, Kent and London; invested £3.1m in community programmes, money advice programmes and social research; 3,632 staff hours dedicated to community activities (value of £67k);

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