National Grid plc

Sector: Energy

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Endorsed charities: City Year, Alzheimer's Society (from October 2016) with aim to raise £250k, Accounting for Sustainability, Field Studies Council, Girls Inc, Groundwork, Step up to serve, Teach first, The Conservation Volunteers, The Wildlife Trusts, Alzheimers Society

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in 2016/17 - majority of UK arm of business was sold and following this company have pledged £150m to tackling fuel poverty, through investments in insulation and energy efficiency of homes. As a result of sale however, likely that CSR activity will be more focussed in USA. Also support organisations focussed on environemtn and conservation

Employee volunteering focussed around promotion of STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Maths), particularly for girls


2016/17 - raised over £370k in the UK to support charities and employees provided 18,400 hours of voluntary support

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