Marks and Spencer

Sector: Retailer

Donation matching: ✓

Payroll giving:

Pays PG fees: Note: This field needs more research.

PG provider:

Endorsed charities: Macmillan Cancer Support, Royal British Legion, Newlife, Oxfam, Shelter, Marie Keating Foundation

Details of matching schemes

Total max EA benefit: 0

Details of payroll giving and other programmes

Other relevant information

Four priority areas: Employability (Mark & Start);

Staff get one day's paid time off for volunteering - aim to support 1 million hours of staff time for volunteering from 2017 - 2025

Through M&S Sparks Card - M&S donates 1p to charity of choice every time someone shops using card

National partnerships and local support for charities including volunteering, food donations and fundraising


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