Kingfisher plc

Sector: Retail Homeware

Donation matching: ✓

Payroll giving:

Pays PG fees: Note: This field needs more research.

PG provider: Sharing is Caring (CAF)

Endorsed charities: Launched in 2017 - Red Cross - France, Poland and the UK; Shelter - UK, Red Cross, Shelter

Details of matching schemes

Donations can be matched pound for pound up to £500 per individual

Total max EA benefit: 0

Details of payroll giving and other programmes

Other relevant information

Staff volunteering - one paid day per year

CSR focus on - tackling poor and unfit housing; supply chain sustainbility;

International and local partnerships connected to local stores (2020 target of completing 4,000 community projects)


2016/17 - gave a total of £1.8m through community investment (0.23% of pre-tax profit) including cash, staff time and gifts in kind, supporting 59,300 people. Donated funds to support communities affected by flooding and those affected by Grenfell Tower Fire and UK terror attacks; International - supporting relief efforts including to flooding

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