Sector: Private Equity

Donation matching: ✓

Payroll giving: ✓

Pays PG fees: Note: This field needs more research.

PG provider:

Endorsed charities:

Details of matching schemes

“Promote the ‘Give as you Earn’ scheme by CAF“, “Match the amount raised by UK staff through sponsorship of their fundraising efforts for UK registered charities.” 2013 report: “Subject to an individual cap (currently £400 per month) and a monthly
cap of £10,000 in aggregate, 3i currently matches amounts donated by UK staff under the Give As You Earn scheme.” Firm-wide cap seems unlikely to be reached. Update: They cannot reveal the cap but “the majority of staff choose to donate less than the monthly cap”

Cap entered as £2500 (ad-hoc guess)

Total max EA benefit: 2500

Details of payroll giving and other programmes

Other relevant information

3b - 3i donates directly to a number of charities, see our website.
3c – charity committee decides which charities to support based on our themes of 1) supporting young people, disadvantaged people and education on 2) tackling the social isolation of elderly people,

3d – no,

3e – you can find information about the charities we support directly on our website (https://www.3i.com/sustainability/corporate-citizenship/charitable-giving/). Pages 46 - 49 of our 2018 sustainability report contain further information on this area -”


£14,107 in matching donations (year to 31st March 2016)

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